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Direct candidates who have sent us a CV to the best career opportunities, and provide them with regular follow-up.


Whatever your profession, IPC Group will support you throughout the recruitment process, in order to help you find the right job for you. Discover job offers by field of activity, and offer your talent to our employer companies.


Human resources job offers in Luxembourg

Human resources manager / assistant, payroll manager, recruitment manager, HR consultant... Are you looking for a job opportunity in HR, in Luxembourg or in neighbouring countries?


In collaboration with many companies in the HR field, we are able to anticipate their needs for new talent and provide you with their most motivating job offers. Company managers can also submit their offers directly on our website: enough to allow candidates to send targeted and effective applications.

Legal field job offers in Luxembourg

Do you have a legal background and would you like to join a motivating position in this sector of activity? Legal expertise is essential for many companies, particularly in the banking sector, which is strongly represented in Luxembourg.




IPC Group facilitates your legal job search, by providing you with a wide variety of job offers for positions located in Luxembourg and Europe. Are you looking for a good career opportunity as a legal assistant, lawyer, lawyer, tax expert...? Consult our job offers now, and send us your CV so that we can provide you with personalised support.

Accounting job offers in Luxembourg

Whether in an accounting firm or directly in a company, accounting job offers very often hold great challenges in store for you. Are you ready to take them on ? Take a look at our offers: you may find the opportunity that will give your career a big boost.



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Administrative and financial manager, controller, accounting collaborator / assistant, head of mission... Whatever your speciality, your experience and your level of qualification, do not hesitate to join our talent network by sending us your CV. You can then benefit from our personalized recruitment methods and be guided to the best accounting job offers.

IT job offers in Luxembourg

Development, programming, cybersecurity, big data, cloud, maintenance, troubleshooting: IT is divided into many sub-domains, which are sources of challenges and excellent opportunities for your career.



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Our mission: to provide you with the best IT job offers, for technical (developer, system administrator, Windows / Linux engineer, integrator...) or strategic positions (consultant, project leader, advisor, Search Engine Optimizer...). Located in Luxembourg, we have real expertise in the job market in the country, and especially in the many opportunities that arise in the tertiary sector.

Sales / marketing job offers in Luxembourg

Because sales and marketing are essential to the commercial success of companies, experts of these key functions are highly-demanded. 


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Do you have a solid training in marketing? Significant sales experience? Entrust your CV to our recruiters: they will find career opportunities that match your ambition.

Insurance job offers in Luxembourg

Offering strong employment prospects in the tertiary sector, Luxembourg is notably a very dynamic market in the banking and insurance sectors. This is why many expatriate and cross-border workers come here to seize career opportunities.


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Our recruiters and consultants therefore centralize the most motivating insurance job offers, in order to make them available to our network of candidates. Claims manager, client advisor, life, health and provident insurance manager, sales representative, telephone advisor... This sector requires all types of profiles and skill levels. Seize your chance with IPC Group!

Offres d’emploi en BTP au Luxembourg

The construction sector offers a wide range of job opportunities, from craftsmanship (carpenter, mason, electrician...) to the strategic functions required on the largest construction sites (site manager, engineer, project manager, team leader...).


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As a generalist recruitment agency, IPC Group permanently centralizes the job offers in construction available in Luxembourg and neighboring countries. You can discover on this page the offers currently available. To benefit from a personalized support by our recruiters and to be directed towards positions that correspond 100% to your profile, send us your CV .

Offres d’emploi en hôtellerie / restauration au Luxembourg

Easily accessible from many European countries (France, Belgium, Germany...), Luxembourg and its border areas have many restaurants and hotels. These structures offer frequent professional opportunities, whether seasonal or permanent, long-term or short-term contracts.


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Are you looking for a job in the kitchen, in the dining room, as a barman, waiter, head waiter, pastry chef?

Entrust us with your needs and send us your CV: experts of the Luxembourg job market, our recruiters will put their network of companies at your disposal and will guide you towards job offers perfectly adapted to your profile.