IPC Group

Recruitment agency / job board in Luxembourg

ipc group, a general recruitment agency located in Luxembourg, offers candidates and companies from Luxembourg and Europe a range of services designed to put them in touch and facilitate their research.


  • Meet the recruitment needs of companies by offering them precisely targeted candidates,
  • To guide candidates who have sent us a CV to the best career opportunities, and provide them with regular follow-up
  • Allow companies to post offers on our site, and people looking for a job to apply directly,
  • Offer training and coaching sessions, designed to facilitate job search and adaptation to any workstation (we collaborate in particular with an occupational psychologist)

Why working in Luxembourg?

Accompanying companies and individuals from all over Europe, IPC Group has in particular a perfect knowledge of the labour market and the professional opportunities available in Luxembourg.


Cabinet de recrutement / job board au Luxembourg

Would you like to work in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg? The country offers you many advantages:

  • A dynamic and competitive economy, thanks to an ideal mix of local and cross-border, French-speaking and multilingual workers (70% of the workforce is foreign or cross-border)
  • Frequent recruitment needs, particularly in the tertiary sector
  • An unemployment rate lower than the European average 
  • An innovative, flexible and employment-friendly economic policy
  • A long tradition of social peace
  • Strong recruitment prospects in the banking sector, where one in ten employees work